No one likes an aggressive trial attorney until they need one.

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Camden County Personal Injury Lawyers

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At the Camden County-based law office of Dansky | Katz | Ringold | York, we represent New Jersey residents injured in serious accidents. Putting your case in the hands of a less-experienced attorney who strives for a quick settlement only undermines your claim and minimizes the compensation you are entitled to.

No One Likes an Aggressive Trial Lawyer Until They Need One
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Accident Attorneys Protecting Your Rights in Camden County

At Dansky | Katz | Ringold | York, we are seasoned trial lawyers who take personal injury claims to court. Our practice of helping Camden County residents victimized by negligence includes:

  • Car Accidents — While you may not be at your best in making important decisions following a car accident, your first step should be protecting your rights by contacting an attorney at our Camden law office.
  • Truck Accidents — Commercial truck drivers must adhere to strict industry regulations. When they fall short, you or a family member could suffer catastrophic injuries.
  • Motorcycle Accidents — Crashes often occur over claims of “not being seen.” While you must take proactive steps, the negligence of a car or truck driver could lead to serious spinal cord injuries.
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents — From soft tissue to serious brain injuries, you can rely on our Camden County legal team to provide the help you and your family need following an accident involving a boat, RV, snowmobile or ATV.
  • Medical Malpractice — The trust you place in a medical professional can be shattered if a deadly disease goes undiagnosed or your newborn child suffers a serious birth injury.
  • Construction Site Accidents — Camden County construction workers put their safety on the line every day. Performing the most basic duties on a dangerous site with faulty equipment can create dangerous and deadly hazards.
  • Workplace Accidents — At our Camden County law firm, we go beyond workers’ compensation claims when our clients are injured at work due to an employer’s negligence.
  • Premises Liability — Property owners are responsible for ensuring a safe and hazard-free environment. When they fail in those responsibilities, you could suffer serious injuries.
  • Slip-and-Fall Accidents — Slipping on a wet floor may seem like a minor accident. However, the mishap could lead to serious injuries. You need to take immediate action in securing representation and protecting your rights.
  • Amusement Park and Playground Injuries — A relaxing day off can become a tragic event when a poorly maintained roller coaster or faulty playground equipment causes a serious brain injury.
  • Dog Bites — An attack from a dog can not only leave physical injuries and scarring, but also emotional trauma.
  • Nursing Home Abuse — When Camden County nursing home staff act in a neglectful and abusive manner, we move quickly and aggressively to hold them responsible.

To arrange a free consultation to discuss your personal injury claim, please contact us today. We represent clients throughout Camden County and the state of New Jersey.