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New Jersey Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Motorcycles are growing in popularity, but the number of motorcycle accidents is growing at an even faster rate. Nationwide, the motorcycle accident fatality rate more than doubled between 1997 and 2005, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

No One Likes an Aggressive Trial Lawyer Until They Need One
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There were 87 motorcycle accident fatalities in 2006 in New Jersey and 188 in Pennsylvania. Many more motorcyclists were seriously injured in bike wrecks.

Motorcycle accidents frequently lead to extremely serious injuries and death because of the negligence of other drivers. Those in larger vehicles often say they didn’t see the motorcycle rider. In many cases, they just weren’t looking. In whatever way you were injured or lost a loved one, our Pennsylvania injured biker attorneys can assist you.

Car and truck drivers who fail to see motorcyclists can cause accidents by failing to yield when a biker is legally turning left, or by running into a biker while changing lanes.

Dangerous Conditions

Motorcyclists are also at risk of injury from dangerous and defective highways. An improperly banked curve, potholes, an uneven road surface or debris on the road surface can all cause a motorcycle crash.

Because of the lack of protective features, motorcycle accident victims are at risk for extremely serious injuries and wrongful death. Victims of bike wrecks can suffer brain injury, spinal cord injury, and catastrophic injuries such as broken bones, burns and internal injuries.

Our New Jersey motorcycle accident lawyers have a long and successful history of representing motorcycle accident victims and their survivors. For example, we represented the family of a biker who was killed when a wheel came off a truck that was speeding in the opposite direction. The wheel bounced over the highway 95 median, hit the biker in the chest and killed him.

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