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What to Do After a Car Accident

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Immediately after a car accident:

You should call 911 for police and medical help as soon as everyone is out of immediate danger.

You should keep a pen and paper in the glove box along with a small disposable camera so you can write down the events as they happened while they are still fresh in your mind and take pictures as necessary.

Make sure to record the following information:

  1. Contact information for those involved in the accident as well as any eye witnesses including names, drivers license numbers, phone numbers, home addresses, and insurance information of all drivers involved. Also record contact information for the policemen that arrive on the scene
  2. Were any of the drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs? What behaviors or observations led you to believe they were under the influence? Did they have slurred speech or glassy eyes? Also point this out to any witnesses so it’s not just your word versus the drivers in court.
  3. Record any statements or admissions you hear about the cause of the accident. For example: “I was on my cell phone” or “I’m sorry, I didn’t even see you it was my fault” etc..
  4. Write a detailed description of the accident, include weather conditions like raining, icy, foggy, dark, windy, etc..)
  5. Record the actions the police took after they arrived. Did they issue any tickets or give anyone a sobriety test?
  6. Take pictures of all vehicles involved from multiple angles.

It’s important to record this type of information immediately because memories fade as time goes by and these details are extremely important.

In the days following the car accident:

Make sure to record and document the following information:

  1. All medical expenses – including visits to all physicians, treatments, prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, lab tests, physical therapy, etc. Also keep track of the dates of all visits and the costs of each.
  2. Any time missed from work – if your injuries have resulted in an inability to properly perform at work you should record what functions you were not able to perform as well as how much time you missed and the corresponding loss in income.
  3. Car repair costs – keep a record of all bills and estimates.
  4. Injury progression – continue to take pictures of your injuries as time goes by and record the date of the photographs. Also write down any injuries that have occurred due to your car accident injuries. For example, falling down stairs because you lost balance on your crutches.
  5. A daily log – keep a log of how you feel both physically and emotionally every day. Also, record how the injuries are affecting your daily life and anything they prevent you from being able to do or enjoy.
  6. Miscellaneous out of pocket expenses – Do you now have send you children to daycare? Did you have to cancel a non refundable vacation?