Workplace/Construction accidents

Construction Accidents & Workplace Injuries in New Jersey

Hardworking construction professionals face workplace hazards on a daily basis – some of which are extremely dangerous or deadly. If you add to those risks a negligent employer, contractor, or subcontractor who ignores the most basic standards of safety, you may find a recipe for disaster.

While many personal injury firms may promote their ability to settle cases quickly to receive compensation, we take construction accident claims to the courtroom whenever necessary.

At Dansky | Katz | Ringold | York, we are completely dedicated to personal injury law. When you retain one of our experienced workplace injury attorneys, we work to maximize your compensation for damages. We have skilled trial lawyers on our legal team, including a New Jersey Supreme Court Civil Trial Attorney, who excels at fighting to protect your rights.

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Crane and forklift accidents

Operation of heavy equipment requires training and certification. Vast amounts of training, knowledge, and experience means little when an accident caused by negligence occurs. Hardworking construction professionals often find themselves injured due to unsafe working conditions or a defect in the crane or forklift.

Whether you are operating a crane or forklift under risky conditions or are working in the vicinity of defective heavy equipment, an accident can have devastating and deadly consequences. Not only is your career sidelined or at an end, but you may also face serious brain or spinal cord injuries that affect your personal life as well.

At Dansky | Katz | Ringold | York, we take on these kinds of complex workplace injury claims for construction professionals. When you retain our firm after a catastrophic accident, we promise to not only treat you like a member of our family, but to fight for you in the courtroom as if you were.

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