Bus passenger severely hurt when struck by flying tire from car

It can be fairly easy to forget how dangerous driving or riding on the streets of New Jersey can be. It only takes a moment for a vehicle to have an accident or suffer a malfunction of some sort for a person’s life to be altered. This is what happened recently on Route 17 in Ramsey, when what can only be referred to as a freak car accident took place and critically injured a man riding on a bus.

The 49-year-old man was hurt when the bus he was on was struck by a tire that had somehow gotten dislodged from a car that was traveling in the opposite direction. The car’s front left tire came off and bounded across the center median, into the path of the bus. The man who was critically hurt was sitting directly behind the driver at the time of the crash. Two other passengers, in addition to the bus driver, were also injured in the accident, but their wounds were considered to be minor.

Police have already said that the driver of the car won’t face any charges in the matter, but they also have yet to say what led to the tire coming off in the first place.

For as fast as the tire and the bus would have been traveling at the time of the crash, it is fortunate that more people were not hurt in the accident. As it is, though, the injured people might want to speak with a personal injury attorney regarding matters of compensation for their injuries and medical bills, among other expenses.

Source:, “Passenger injured by flying tire in Ramsey crash remains in critical condition,” Kathryn Brenzel, May 6, 2014

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