Parents could get first-hand look at teen driver safety

Anybody who has a teenage son or daughter knows how hard it can be to get through to them. It might often seem as if teenagers will listen to just about anybody except their parents — and most of the time, the advice parents can provide is more valuable than what teens hear from friends or from online sources.

For the most part, there is little that the state of New Jersey can do to regulate these types of situations, but there are exceptions when public safety is involved. That’s the logic behind a new bill that would require parents to take a teen driver orientation program along with their young drivers.

The legislation would also increase the length of time an adolescent driver would have a learner’s permit before being able to acquire a driver’s license. Right now it takes at least six months, but if the bill becomes law, that timeframe would increase to a full year.

This adds to a lengthy list of requirements that young drivers must meet before they get their licenses, including 50 hours behind the wheel, including 10 hours at night, and a six-hour driving course. The goal, of course, is to give drivers as much experience as possible before they are out driving on their own. Teen drivers are much more likely to get into car accidents than other drivers, so the more help they can get, the better.

Of course, this will not eliminate teenagers from getting into accidents and possibly injuring other motorists. People who have been hurt in car crashes, regardless of the age of the negligent party, might choose to consult with experienced personal injury attorneys for advice.

Source: The Star-Ledger, “Teen drivers, parents would have to take safety courses under proposed NJ law,” Matt Friedman, May 15, 2014

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