Will New Jersey Increase Its Speed Limit?


Will New Jersey Increase Its Speed Limit?

New Jersey Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon is proposing a bill to possibly increase the speed limits on New Jersey highways.

Many other states have already started raising their speed limits on major highways; in fact, Pennsylvania is now part of the 70 mph club, becoming the 37th state with a speed limit above 65 mph.

Should NJ Change its Speed Limit?

O’Scanlon is a strong advocate for raising New Jersey speed limits to 70 mph. He argues that a higher speed limit would not cause people to drive faster; instead, he claims the speed limit would be representative of the speed at which 85% of drivers already travel. In New Jersey, this would be between 70-75 mph on our highways.

O’Scanlon is now pushing for a new bill to raise the speed limit, suggesting, “You’re really just recognizing the speeds people are already traveling. You’re providing for more uniform traffic flow. You’re making people less paranoid when they’re on the highways by having realistic speed limits. It’s exactly the right thing to do.”

Is It Safe to Raise Our Speed Limits?

While a change in the highway speed limit may more accurately reflect the speeds drivers are already traveling, does it mean it is a safe decision?

Many are asking if an increase in speed limits will make roadways safer or more prone to accidents.

Cathleen Lewis, the Director of Public Affairs and Government Relations for the AAA New Jersey Automobile Club shares, “Right now, the best practice is to make sure that people are following the laws. If people are going the right speed, and everyone’s traveling at the right speed, that makes the roads safer.”

How Do Speed Limits Impact the Rate of Car Accidents?

According to the unofficial statistics released by the State Police, in 2014, 556 people were killed in car crashes in New Jersey. In 2015, the number increased to 562.

Of the fatal crashes in 2015, 70 of the accidents– roughly 12.5% – were caused in part by unsafe speed.

Car Accidents are the 4th leading cause of death in the United States, and any decision that may influence the safety of our drivers should be considered carefully.


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