Rise in Amusement Park Injuries in the Summer: Summer Safety Series

Rise in Amusement Park Injuries in the Summer: Summer Safety Series

Memorial Day marks the official start of summer, as many New Jersey and Pennsylvania families head to their favorite Jersey Shore town. One of the most anticipated activities during the warmer weather is visiting New Jersey’s amusement parks and water parks.

Whether you love Morey’s Pier in Wildwood, Gillian’s Wonderland Pier on the Ocean City boardwalk, Sahara Sam’s in Berlin or any of the many other amusement and water parks that New Jersey has to offer, one thing holds the true: no family expects their day of fun to end in injury.

Children Injured at Amusement Parks

Unfortunately, accidents and injuries do happen, and it is important that you do everything you can to keep your children safe this summer.

According to a research study by Nationwide Children’s Hospital, every other hour a child is being treated in an emergency room because of an amusement ride injury. This study investigated the prevalence of amusement ride injuries in children from 1990 to 2010 and found the total to be almost 93,000 children.

Amusement Park Injuries Rise in Summer

In New Jersey, most of the amusement parks are only open during the summer months, which is also when state and county fairs are often held. It’s no wonder, then, that over 70% of the incidents at amusement parks happen between the months of May through September.

In terms of the aforementioned research study, that translates into 20 children suffering serious injury from amusement rides daily from May through September.

Keeping Your Children Safe at Amusement Parks

As more and more amusement parks and water parks start opening in New Jersey with the kick off summer, we want to share some tips to consider to help keep children safe:

  • Obey all height, age, weight, and health restrictions associated with amusement rides
  • Follow all seating instructions, such as having an adult seated behind the child on a log flume, or loading instructions, such as a heavier adult loading before a small child
  • Always use seat belts, safety bars, and any other safety equipment required on amusement rides
  • Ensure that you and your children keep all of your limbs inside of the rides at all times
  • Avoid rides that do not have child safety restraints such as a seat belt

What to do if your child is injured at an amusement park in New Jersey

If your child is injured at an amusement park or water park in New Jersey, it is important to contact our legal team as soon as possible. New Jersey has a strict law that requires anyone who is injured at an amusement park to submit notice of that incident to the amusement park operator within 90 days of the injury.

Our negligence lawyers have helped many families in New Jersey recover damages from amusement ride injuries, and we are here for you, should you ever need us.

If you have any questions regarding amusement ride injuries or you would like to schedule a complimentary case review with one of our attorneys, you can reach us any time by calling our toll free number: 800-609-7577.

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