Staying Safe at the Jersey Shore: Summer Safety Series

Staying Safe at the Jersey Shore- Summer Safety Series

In our first article of our Summer Safety Series, we shared important information regarding the rise in amusement ride injuries during the warmer months. We also provided tips to consider to help keep children safe at amusement and water parks.

Today, we’re continuing our series by sharing more precautions we can take to ensure our children and our families remain safe this summer.

Water Safety + Drowning Precautions

It is no secret that New Jersey families love the Jersey Shore. One of the top activities of summertime is swimming in pools, lakes, and oceans.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, drowning is one of the leading causes of death in children. Drowning is the #1 cause of death in children ages 1-4, with three children dying as a result of drowning every day.

In order to prevent a summer of fun from turning into an unexpected disaster, it’s important to keep children safe, especially when swimming. Below are some essential safety precautions to keep children safe in the water:

  • Supervise children in the water at all times
  • Teach children how to swim (formal lessons can help protect children from drowning)
  • Keep children within designed swimming areas when swimming in oceans, lakes, and rivers
  • Always swim with a lifeguard on duty
  • Do not let children swim near piers or diving platforms
  • Do not let children swim during strong currents
  • Learn CPR for emergencies
  • Keep a phone nearby in case of emergencies
  • Always have life-saving equipment, such as flotation devices, on hand
  • Pools should have self-locking and self-closing fences
  • Empty all inflatable pools and bathtubs after use; children can drown with even an inch or two of water
  • When boating, be sure to wear properly fitted life jackets

Top Safety Tip: Supervise Swimming at all Times

One point to stress is the importance of supervising children when they are swimming. Unfortunately, far too many children drown while they are supposedly being supervised in the water.

In fact, according to the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs, nearly 9 out of every 10 drowning-related deaths in children occurs when a parent or caregiver claimed to be supervising the child.

To add extra precaution, the supervising adult should avoid reading, texting, or other distracting activities while watching children in the water.

We encourage you to pledge to protect your child’s safety this summer, by signing the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s 2017 Pool Safely Pledge.

Other Summer Safety Reminders to Keep in Mind

 The State of New Jersey’s Department of Children and Families shares additional tips to help keep children safe in the summer:

  • Make sure children wear helmets when they ride bikes, skateboard, scooter, or roller blade. Helmets should be level on the child’s head, and the straps should be tight
  • Always supervise children with play equipment and at playgrounds
  • Use extra precautions when grilling food with children present
  • Limit sun exposure for young children and make sure children are always wearing sunscreen outside, even on rainy or cloudy days

Unfortunately, despite our best precautions, accidents still occur. If you have any concerns or questions regarding negligence that may have played a part in an accident or injury, you can contact our New Jersey personal injury attorneys any time at our toll-free number: 800-609-7577


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