Nursing Home Reform

Two New Jersey Nursing Homes Require More Frequent Inspections Due to Amount of Health Violations

Last month, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services issued an update that requires two New Jersey Nursing homes to have more frequent inspections. These inspection requirements were implemented as a result of the nursing home facilities accumulating too many health violations. Quality Issues in New Jersey Long Term Care Facilities The report released by […]

Will New Jersey Set Minimum Standards for Staffing Nursing Homes?

There are currently no regulations for the amount of nurses’ aides required on duty in a nursing home at any given time. This means that New Jersey nursing homes can be understaffed without breaking any rules; a problem that often times leads to nursing home negligence cases. New Jersey Democrats are now pushing for a […]

Lawsuit Filed Against Owner of 57 Nursing Homes

Last week, a lawsuit was filed against a California man who owns 57 skilled nursing facilities across the state. The allegations include “fraud, unfair business practices, and violations of residents’ rights by intentionally misrepresenting the quality of services and care provided.” The lawsuit is the culmination of an almost 4-year long investigation of the company’s […]

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