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How a Man is Helping Alzheimer’s Patients through Nursing Home Design

Jean Makesh, CEO of Lantern assisted living facilities in Ohio, is on a mission to give hope to his patients who are suffering from Alzheimer’s and severe dementia. Often times, when Alzheimer’s and dementia patients move into a nursing home facility, they stop receiving the engagement and stimulation their brains need to survive. They are […]

Are Bedsores Worthy of a Nursing Home Lawsuit?

What is a Bedsore? A bedsore is a lesion on the skin resulting from prolonged pressure on the skin. Bedsores are commonly found on bonier parts of the body such as the tailbone, spine, hips, ankles etc. Developing Bedsores in a Nursing Home While nursing homes and hospitals are obligated by law to create and […]

Breaking Down the Rise in Nursing Home Lawsuits

As the baby boomer generation ages, the need for nursing home facilities continues to rise. These facilities are largely run by corporate chains with a strong attention on profit. Unfortunately, putting the care of our seniors in the hands of these corporations does not always bode well. The increasing number of nursing home residents and […]

Lawsuit Filed Against Owner or 57 Nursing Homes

Last week, a lawsuit was filed against a California man who owns 57 skilled nursing facilities across the state. The allegations include “fraud, unfair business practices, and violations of residents’ rights by intentionally misrepresenting the quality of services and care provided.” The lawsuit is the culmination of an almost 4-year long investigation of the company’s […]

$128 Million Settlement for Substandard Nursing Homes

A Delaware corporation that operates 146 nursing facilities across 11 different states settled a $128 million case with the United States government. Extendicare agreed to the settlement relative to allegations that the corporation billed Medicare and Medicaid for substandard skilled nursing services from 2007 to 2013. This settlement covers 33 of the company’s nursing homes […]

Florida Nursing Home Sued for Wrongful Death

Nursing home neglect is a serious matter. One that can lead to grave medical issues and even death, as is the case with a Lakeland Nursing Home this week. A lawsuit has been filed against a Florida nursing home, claiming that before her death last year, the resident developed serious medical issues as a result […]

Aids Accused of Neglect at NY Nursing Home

Two aides at a nursing home facility were charged with neglecting a 79-year-old, disabled resident. A hidden camera in that patient’s room revealed their actions. The footage showed the two aides did not use two-person assist for incontinence care, and failed to use the mechanical lift for transferring the resident. The aides falsified documents in […]

Why You Shouldn’t Judge a Nursing Home By Its Appearance

Just as we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, we cannot judge a nursing home facility by its outward appearance. Nursing home and senior care facilities spend a large amount of money on their exteriors for one reason: first impressions are lasting.  Unfortunately, a clean, professional facility isn’t a guarantee that it is safe […]