The Top Reason for Lawsuits Against Nursing Home Facilities

According to a report by the insurance company, CNA, the most common legal claim against nursing home facilities is falls.

In 2012 and 2013, resident falls made up 41.5% of closed liability claims against the insurance company’s nonprofit skilled nursing facilities. While this percentage was actually a large decrease from the previous four years, falls still far outpaced the other causes for legal claims during both time periods.

Ranking second in lawsuit claims against nursing home facilities is pressure ulcers, with 17.5% of closed claims by CNA.

These rankings stayed consistent among for-profit skilled nursing homes as well; with falls accounting for 38.7% and pressure ulcers coming in second.

In addition to these claims against skilled nursing home facilities, falls are a serious risk for other long-term care providers as well. Between 2007 and 2013, falls were also the top claim against assisted living and continuing care retirement communities.

Nursing home and long-term care for our seniors is a vitally important topic. As the CNA report suggests, “While zero falls may not be an achievable goal, decreasing resident falls and mitigating the severity of fall-related injuries remain essential to quality improvement and risk management.”

This is why we are so passionate about fighting for our nursing home negligence clients. By holding these nursing home facilities responsible, we aim to promote higher standards of care, improve resident monitoring, and ensure a safe and caring environment for all your loved ones.

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Source: Tim Mullaney, “Falls are top reason for lawsuits against skilled nursing facilities, report states,” McKnights

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