Breaking Down the Rise in Nursing Home Lawsuits

As the baby boomer generation ages, the need for nursing home facilities continues to rise. These facilities are largely run by corporate chains with a strong attention on profit.

Unfortunately, putting the care of our seniors in the hands of these corporations does not always bode well. The increasing number of nursing home residents and profit-focused thinking by these corporations has resulted in an alarming rise in neglected and abused senior citizens.

This becomes even more of a concern when you consider the fact that nursing home facilities are primarily funded by tax dollars. Caring for seniors should be their top priority.

While the government may try its best to mediate these concerns and remedy the situation, the truth of the matter is that these agencies lack the resources to provide timely and necessary help. For this reason, families look to the civil justice system to fight the abuse and neglect their loved ones have suffered and seek to prevent these wrongdoings from continuing in the future.

Source: Michael A Brusca, “The Truth About Nursing Home Lawsuits,” American Association for Justice.

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