nursing home negligence

Report Reveals PA Not Enforcing Nursing Home Staffing Laws

Are Pennsylvania Nursing Homes Slacking on Staffing Requirements? From January 1, 2014 until October 31, 2015, an extensive audit was conducted in the state of Pennsylvania. The results of this audit have prompted questions regarding whether the Department of Health is effectively enforcing staffing regulations in nursing homes. While the department typically does not accept […]

Nursing Home Law Asks “Who Signed the Contract?”

Devastation struck a nursing home in Massachusetts in 2009 when a 100-year-old resident, Elizabeth Barrow, was strangled and suffocated by her 97-year-old roommate. Just one month before her untimely death, Elizabeth Barrow celebrated her 100th birthday with her family. Her death shocked her family, who holds the nursing home accountable for putting her mother in […]

The Sobering Statistic about New Jersey Nursing Homes

A national AARP survey has revealed a shocking and disappointing statistic: New Jersey now ranks 49 out of 50 for preventing bedsores for nursing home residents. There is only one state that is less capable than New Jersey of preventing bedsores in nursing homes. As a result of the survey, state legislators have started to […]

Aids Accused of Neglect at NY Nursing Home

Two aides at a nursing home facility were charged with neglecting a 79-year-old, disabled resident. A hidden camera in that patient’s room revealed their actions. The footage showed the two aides did not use two-person assist for incontinence care, and failed to use the mechanical lift for transferring the resident. The aides falsified documents in […]

Nursing Home With History of Negligence Faces New Lawsuits

A nursing home in Florida, which has already received fines from the state for neglecting to report an alleged sexual assault, is now facing new lawsuits. The lawsuits claim that residents at this nursing home, which was placed on the state watch list in 2012, were not properly taken care of. The families of these […]

Why You Shouldn’t Judge a Nursing Home By Its Appearance

Just as we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, we cannot judge a nursing home facility by its outward appearance. Nursing home and senior care facilities spend a large amount of money on their exteriors for one reason: first impressions are lasting.  Unfortunately, a clean, professional facility isn’t a guarantee that it is safe […]

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