Why You Shouldn’t Judge a Nursing Home By Its Appearance

Just as we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, we cannot judge a nursing home facility by its outward appearance.

Nursing home and senior care facilities spend a large amount of money on their exteriors for one reason: first impressions are lasting.  Unfortunately, a clean, professional facility isn’t a guarantee that it is safe for your loved one.

After all of the factors have been considered, not merely appearance, the family still must be aware of the signals of nursing home abuse. Many times, residents do not report such abuse to their family members, as they do not wish to complain, burden, or worry their loved ones. Some may not remember or actually be aware that, the abuse happening at all.

That is why it is up to families to be aware and cognizant of nursing home abuse, and the warning signs that come with it. Such as, if your loved one begins to lose or gain weight, or shows symptoms of malnutrition or dehydration. Even horrific signs like rope burns can indicate that the resident has been physically restrained.

Just as important as the physical signs are the emotional signs of abuse. If you see behavioral changes in your loved one, if they are acting out or becoming depressed, these may be signs of emotional abuse.

While taking many precautions when searching for the right facility for our seniors, it is vital to know how to identify signs of nursing home negligence and abuse, and to act upon any that are discovered.


Source: Law Firm Newswire, “Never Rely on Outward Appearances When Choosing A Nursing Home, Claims Arkansas Attorney,” September 12, 2014.

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